Who are we?


Parallel Truth Paranormal Investigators (PTPI) is a group of friends that have one common thread: a profound interest in the paranormal. But, for us it’s more than just a passing hobby.

Our group was formed in 2009 after an investigation at Waverly Hills Sanitarium. During that investigation, many had personal experiences and captured some very intriguing EVPs, which are voices heard on a digital recorder. After that night, a group was formed and the goal was to learn what is between life and death.

The members of PTPI believe strongly in a scientific approach to paranormal investigation. We DO NOT believe that every “bump-in-the-night” or “creepy feeling” is the result of paranormal activity. Our main investigative goal is to delineate between the “explainable”- or normal, and the “unexplainable” – or paranormal. Only after all possible explanations have been eliminated do we even start to consider the possibility of paranormal causes.

PTPI strives to correctly utilize the latest technology in our investigations. And we will always tie our opinions about paranormal activity strictly to the evidence we capture. Personal experiences are great, but unless they are backed-up by solid evidence, personal experiences are simply interesting stories.

Should you need help in a possible paranormal situation, please contact us.
Also, as a statement of fact, PTPI does not conduct se’ances nor do we use, or approve of the use of, Ouija boards. Some things are better off left alone!


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