What is it like to be a spirit seeker?


In the days and weeks to come, we will be going into detail about what it is like to be a spirit seeker, ghost hunter, paranormal investigator, or whatever you like to call it. Most people call us “ghost hunters”, but we’re actually paranormal investigators.

What’s the difference? 

Well, first of all, we don’t go seeking the spirits or ghosts that wonder the world. We just don’t go to creepy locations and spend time looking for hauntings. We actually only go to places that claim haunted activities or are looking for answers to unknown activities. So, we mostly already know that activity exists, but we’re searching for answers, names, history, reasons, but more importantly, proof.

Secondly, a spirit and a ghost are totally different entities. Why? Because a ghost is known in the paranormal world as a “residual.” A residual ghost is like a recording. It’s an apparition that can be seen at the same time of each day, a certain date, certain years, etc. It doesn’t matter that the house and stairs are no longer present- that ghost will walk down the same stairs over and over again until it runs out of energy. If it was a brutal hanging, for instance, a body seen swinging from a tree limb will happen over and over again, etc. These apparitions cannot communicate and have no thoughts, feelings, or message to give. It’s just something that happens when a spike of energy happens, like storms or until energy around them have depleted.

A spirit is a soul that has passed from this realm to another between what some believe to be Heaven and Hell. They are intellectual souls that basically continue living. They have emotions, thoughts, memories, and all senses. Each spirit’s situation is as different as the living. Some spirits are stuck, trapped and frightened and have no idea how to pass onto the next place. Some spirits choose to be where they are because of a family member, place, thing, or unfinished business. Some are happy, playful, mean, sad, or demonic. But, we have learned, that for the most part, the spirits act the way they were in life. I could go on and on about this, but, for now, I’ll stop here.

Who are we? 

Each member of our group has experienced some level of the paranormal during our life. Whether touched by the paranormal at an early age or later in life, we each have our own reasons for being a paranormal investigator. We each feel strongly about one thing or the other while others are more skeptical. The mixture makes a great combination. When reviewing evidence, we all have to be convenience before we claim anything as being paranormal. Just because there is a noise or thump in the dark, footsteps, or voice, we don’t automatically claim it to be from a spirit.


Why popular now?

Since the beginning of time, claims of ghosts and the paranormal existed. But, it wasn’t until 1939 when the first book was written on the subject. Why do you think that was? We’ve all heard of the schemes in the old days of tarot card readers, so called psychics and more. They were known to be fake. Talking about spirits back then might have caused you to be sent to the mental hospital and people to think you are crazy.

When I was younger, I was told never to speak about my experiences. My parents were embarrassed. My grandmother had the same experiences and we were never permitted to speak of it. I only learned about my grandmother because I spent summers with her. In the privacy of her home, she would tell me about her gift and even taught me how to tap into my own abilities. But, still, we never spoke of it. That’s my reason for seeking out this group five years ago. I wanted to no longer be afraid and understand not only what was happening to me but why.

But, with the popularity of popular television shows, horror movies, and access to the internet, people are more in tune with the spirit world. Skepticism will always remain, and should, but proof is growing everyday.

What we use to gain evidence? 

To be a good investigator, it’s not about the equipment you possess, it’s about your senses. Sitting in the dark it tends to play with your mind, but your body is normally the best indicator of spirit experiences. Through sight, hearing, touch, smell and senses, you can determine if a spirit is near. But, paranormal investigators like to have proof. The best thing to happen to an investigator is to have video showing a full body apparition or record a clear conversation with a spirit. When doing an investigation, we may use the following equipment: (we will talk about each device in the days to come)

*EMF and KII meters
*Digital thermometers
*Static and handheld digital video camera with infrared lights
*Digital records
*Night vision equipment
*Digital cameras
*Dowsing Rods
*Ghost box
*Electromagnetic pumps
*Rem pods
*Toys or other material objects


But, if you’re just starting out, a flashlight and digital recorder would work perfect.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more to come.




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